Is it time to go on a “quiet” diet?

You probably know somebody that does this often.

Every time you say something, they reply immediately with a counter statement. For example, if you say “my drive from work today was horrible. Traffic was at a standstill.”

You want to continue venting about your drive from work, but they won’t let you because their immediate reply to your statement might be “mine was worse. I spilled coffee on my pants while driving.”

These people tend to one-up you, or match your grievance with one of their own.

If you don’t know somebody that does this… where have you been hiding??

You probably have done it too.

That’s why this holiday, instead of going on a food diet, how about going on a ‘quiet’ diet?

When people are complaining, they just want to be heard. Not replied to. Let venters vent.

Listen to understand, not to reply.

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